What is a 3PL-Carrier Partnership?

Posted by Andrew Ackerman on Jul 29, 2019 12:12:02 PM

Partnerships can be defined as a mutually beneficial exchange of expertise between two organizations, and they are usually a good thing in the business world. Firms form partnerships in hopes of sharing knowledge and skills. In turn, this shared knowledge contributes to growth and success for both firms. Partnering with an organization who has expertise in an area that your business does not allows you to focus on your own strengths while still nurturing growth and expansion in other areas.

What is a 3PL-Carrier Partnership - SquareIn the logistics and transportation industry, many carriers will work with shippers and/or customers to form an exclusive partnership where that carrier company is responsible for all their transportation needs. This is a win-win situation for both shippers and carriers. Partnering with a carrier company to outsource the transportation and delivery of its product means the customer/shipper can solely focus on producing or procuring their product.

Likewise, in partnering with customers, carriers can ensure they have a steady flow of loads and a go-to source for freight. Rather than continually searching for customers and loads, established, official partnerships can save time in the long-run. Plus, the partnership allows the carrier company to keep its trucks moving! It will take time to establish a trustworthy relationship and to build a solid partnership, but the pay-off will be well-worth your initial investment of time.

Many carriers look to form partnerships with 3PLs instead of directly with customers. A partnership with a 3PL offers a carrier company an additional advantage because it removes the initial time investment that it takes to form a relationship with customers. Remember - a partnership is a mutually beneficial exchange of expertise between two organizations. A good 3PL excels at building partnerships with a myriad of customers, and a carrier excels at efficient transportation. And so – voila! – a beautiful partnership is made!  When considering a 3PL partnership, it is important that a carrier ensures the 3PL has an extensive database of long-term customers and is dedicated to building a similar long-term relationship with you!  

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