Traits of the Top Truck Drivers

Posted by Nate Staley on Jul 9, 2019 10:07:03 AM

This is going to get sappy for a second, but hang in there - it’ll be quick! We’re all unique individuals with our own talents and characteristics. There! I said it. While it may sound cliché, we can’t deny its truth. Although we're all unique individuals, when it comes to the traits and talents of the top truck drivers, we've found some commonalities.

When it comes to talents, I’m not talking about the talents of being the best in the world at balancing on a beach ball or the most championed racecar driver. Instead, I’m talking more about our everyday talents. Talents like being able to instantly focus on the matter at hand, or stick to a schedule, or envision a big picture idea in detail.Traits of the Top Truck Drivers

We can all think of something like this that we’re good at. For career satisfaction and high-performance in our roles, the most important key is finding a job that allows us to use our talents every day.

When it comes to truck driving as a career, we’ve identified five talents that lead to high-performance and job satisfaction:

  1. Concentration: Driving long hours over the same road can be monotonous. Despite the monotony, the best truck drivers don’t get distracted. They have an innate ability to be able to focus on what they’re doing and find joy in the routine.
  2. Patience: What would driving be without traffic? For most people, they’d probably say a lot more convenient and enjoyable! But for truck drivers, traffic is part of the job. The best truck drivers are naturally patient. They can wait in long lines of traffic and stay in their cab for long periods of time without getting stressed or antsy.
  3. Independence: Some work requires the input of a team while other lines of work can be done solely by one person. Trucking is a career that matches the latter category. The best truck drivers are able to work independently. They’re able to hold themselves accountable and keep themselves motivated without the constant support of a team.
  4. Ability to Follow Processes: With the regulations that govern the trucking industry, truck drivers must have a good grasp of how certain processes and requirements work. The best truck drivers are the ones who enjoy some degree of structure and don’t find documenting the details to be a hassle.
  5. Ability to Think Ahead: This relates back to the concentration talent mentioned above. Truck driving as a career requires that you are always “on.” You must be able to foresee events before they happen. The best truck drivers are the ones who are always thinking “if the car to my left swerves, then I’ll do this…” or “if the brakes fail, then I’ll do this…” Having a “what-if” mindset is key to performing well as a truck driver!

Do you have these traits? If so, it’s no wonder you’ve chosen trucking as your career! By further strengthening these talents of yours, you’ll find even more satisfaction and increased performance in your truck driving job!

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