Storms and Their Impact on the Transportation Industry

Posted by Nate Staley on Jun 12, 2019 10:17:25 AM

‘Tis the season for severe weather and storms. You likely are familiar with or have personally experienced power outages, flooding, or the wind and hail damage that storms can bring. But most people probably don’t think too much about the impact that these storms can have on the transportation industry. For those who work within the transportation industry, storms can present a major obstacle when it comes to getting work done.

What Problems Can Storms Cause for Trucks and Carriers?

Storms and Their Impact on the Transportation IndustryTorrential downpours during a storm often result in reduced visibility and, sometimes, flooded roadways. These detours can put a carrier behind schedule for pick-ups and deliveries. A reroute, in hopes of avoiding the storm, will likely slow a driver down and can also lead to unexpected fuel costs. Additionally, a storm could cause shipping warehouses to close-down for safety reasons and, as a result, drivers could very well lose money or even accumulate additional costs – whether it be due to waiting around for a pick-up or delivery or needing to find a different load to move altogether. A warehouse closure could also result in damaged commodity and loss of product, especially if the product is produce, if it gets stuck on a truck for longer than anticipated.

So How Can Carriers Avoid These Problems?

Of course, storms are out of your control! As a truck driver, these situations can be hard to avoid and plan for, so it is best to always try and be well-prepared to handle an unexpected storm and the subsequent consequences. Luckily, there are some things you can do to prevent some of the negative impacts that storms can have on your business. It all comes down to communicating, planning, and managing details. Customers and carriers should ensure that they keep each other up-to-date on what’s happening and are working together at all times to plan ahead for any unexpected situations. Frequent communication with the customer and proper planning for the “what-ifs” will ensure a carrier can do their best to minimize the ramifications of a severe storm.

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