You Become the 3PL You Work With

Posted by Patrick Doherty on Jun 10, 2019 10:57:09 AM

We’ve all heard the phrase, “guilty by association.” If you’re surrounded by people who are consistently negative, it becomes hard for you to fight the pessimism. Likewise, if the people you’re with day in and day out are optimistic and upbeat, it’s likely that energy will rub off on you. And, more likely than not, you’ll find yourself reaping the benefits of a positive lifestyle. You’ve probably experienced similar effects in your personal life, but the same goes for your work life! The people you work with can have a huge impact on the trajectory of your career. Keeping this in mind, in the logistics business, it could be said that you become the 3PL you work with. Therefore, it’s imperative that you work with a freight brokerage whose goals and values match yours.

You Become the 3PL You Work WIth

If your 3PL grows, you grow

Not all 3PLs are created equally! If your company is looking to grow, find a 3PL who is also dedicated to growth, forward thinking and innovation. Don’t work with a 3PL who has become complacent or idle. The only way to achieve success in the ever-evolving transportation and logistics industry is to continually transform. If you want to be successful, you need to partner with a 3PL who is as dedicated to this as you are.

Your 3PL Needs to Initiate honest and open Communication

Work with a 3PL who values transparency, integrity and open communication. Communication is a driving factor in the successful delivery of a customer’s product. Think about it - in your personal life, don’t you prefer when someone is upfront and honest with you? Isn’t building personal relationships so much easier when everyone communicates openly? A 3PL who openly communicates with you will greatly increase the chance of a successful and smooth delivery. Bottom line: don’t work with a 3PL who leaves out details or hides information. Their company won’t succeed, and, more importantly neither will yours.

3PLs that value their employees will also value you

Finally, work with a 3PL who values its employees and works to establish a healthy culture. A 3PL who supports its employees and cultivates teamwork, the sharing of ideas, working hard and having fun while doing it, is one that will be successful. This sort of 3PL recognizes that it could not be successful without the hard work and dedication of its employees. Also, a 3PL who genuinely appreciates and values its employees will work to establish the same type of relationship with you.

3PLs all have a unique personality. You become the 3PL you work with, so choose your 3PL carefully. If you work with a 3PL that is growing, resists complacency, sustains high-performance and values teamwork and open communication, you and your company can very likely count on heading in a similar direction. Choose wisely!

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If you become the 3pl you work with, you need to choose your 3pl carefully!  

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