Choosing the Best 3PL [Checklist]

Posted by Dan Ratcliff on Jul 24, 2019 10:09:19 AM

The pressures you face as a logistics manager are immense: warehousing, overseeing employee safety procedures and performance, monitoring the flow of goods, inventory control, transportation management – the list certainly goes on. Considering the number of projects that you manage, it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed without the time you need to get it all done efficiently!

Perhaps you’ve considered outsourcing part of your logistics duties by hiring a 3PL? Allowing a 3PL company to handle the time-consuming details will leave you with more time to focus on other critical areas of your business.Choosing the Best 3PL

You’re probably well-aware of the benefits that come with using a 3PL and why 3PL is needed, but you may still feel uncertain about delegating your customized logistics needs to an outside party. Don’t fret – you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a checklist to help you choose a 3PL provider that you can trust!

  • Flexibility: Customer service should be your 3PL’s middle name - 24/7/365. A 3PL provider should be responsive to any updates or requests ASAP. If a 3PL seems to be delaying the process or lacking in clarity, it could mean that they are ill-prepared get the job done.
  • Experience & Expertise: An all-star 3PL expert knows how to handle any The more experience a freight brokerage has, the better. Be sure you aren’t entrusting your product to a 3PL who hasn’t learned how to work out all the kinks.
  • Technology: A legitimate logistics provider should utilize innovative technologies, including a proprietary TMS, mobile app and customer portal, which allow for instant updates on the freight you’re running with them. The more innovative the technologies, the more success the 3PL will have ensuring your product will be delivered on time and in the best condition.
  • Carrier Relationships and Specialized Equipment: A dependable freight brokerage will have a well-built and extensive network of carriers throughout every region of the nation. Strong carrier relationships allow a 3PL to quickly find trustworthy carriers with the specialized equipment you need to successfully move your load. To build this kind of network, a 3PL would obviously be committed to developing long-term relationships with both customers and carriers alike. If you sense otherwise, reconsider your current 3PL immediately.
  • Values: Communication, integrity and transparency are integral to the success of any relationship. The right 3PL provider will demonstrate these values fluidly, day in and day out. A 3PL can boast years of experience and an extensive database, but what if that same company lacks these necessary values? Your business needs someone who cares just as much as you do about delivering your product on time and in pristine condition. Choose the 3PL who will be proactive rather than reactive.

Use this checklist when considering doing business with your next 3PL, and then rest assured knowing that the job will not only get done, but will get done well, time and time again.

Download the checklist!


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download the checklist!  

How to choose the best 3PL How do you go about choosing the best 3PL to work with? Our checklist can help! Click the image for a downloadable PDF of the factors you should consider when choosing a 3PL.


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